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Our Extra Services to Ease Your Worldwide Container Shipping Procedure

Documentation Service for International Container Shipping

While shipping your belongings, you have to deal with several forms of paperwork such as import/export customs clearance and immigration documents. If the documents are not readily available at domestic and foreign ports, it makes your overseas container shipping process frustratingly lengthy and costly.

With over 20 years of experience in the business, we are here to negate the problems of your international container shipping process. Our experienced agents are experts in preparing necessary documents, timely and correctly, for your relocating requirements. You do not need to co-ordinate with different parties regarding your overseas container shipping documents; we will do that for you.

Marine insurance Service for International Container Shipping

Everyone is concerned about their goods when it is being shipped. Damage or breakage of goods can sometimes lead to a great deal of frustrations. We have found a way to counter this with our marine insurance on request plan. If you need insurance, kindly mention at the time of your booking and we will take care of all the necessary details while carrying out your worldwide container shipping.

Packing and Loading Service for International Container Shipping

The proper packing and loading helps to make your international container shipping damage free.

General information about our packing services:

  • Containers made of steel with a wooden floor
  • 20’ x 8’ x 8’ and 40’ x 8’ x 8’ containers
  • Tie hooks within every few feet at top and bottom for the security of items
  • Container will be sent at your residence on a trailer, which will remain there. The tractor unit will be detached and taken away
  • For live load, driver will wait for the container to be loaded
  • Confirm any permit needed to position containers at your home. If you fail to acquire the needed permit, any charges that occur will be billed to you

Don’t forget to count and label your goods after packing. Please check out our blog to know about worldwide container shipping, packing and loading your belongings.

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