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Overseas Container Shipping Service

overseas container shipping overseas container shipping

We are proud of our consistent progress in overseas container shipping business. So far we have been specializing in shipping to and from Northern European countries and USA. However, we can arrange collections throughout the following locations:

  1. USA

    Since we are US based shipping company, we are familiar about US shipping rules and experienced in their shipping methods. We provide overseas container shipping service to and from most of parts of the United States. We serve following states in the US:

    • New York
    • New Jersey
    • Boston
    • Los Angeles
    • Colorado
    • San Francisco
    • Chicago
    • Montana
    • Washington
    • Georgia
    • Maine
    • Arizona
    • Texas
    • Florida
    • New Mexico
    • Pennsylvania
    • New Hampshire
    • North & South Carolina
    • Kansas
    • Oklahoma
    • Louisiana
    • Hawaii
  2. Europe

    With the overwhelming response of our satisfied customers, we have been able to expand our overseas container shipping business in different European countries. We serve following European countries:

    • Great Britain - England, Scotland, Wales
    • Ireland
    • Northern Ireland
    • France
    • Italy
    • Greece
    • Spain
    • Portugal
    • Germany
    • Switzerland
    • The Netherlands
    • Belgium
    • Austria
    • Norway
    • Sweden
    • Finland
    • Denmark
    • Austria
    • Poland
  3. Asia

  4. Recently we have expanded our worldwide delivery business in China. We are planning to flourish our business in other Asian and Middle East countries. Our agents located in different areas are well familiar with the rules, regulations, methods and documents required for overseas container shipping.

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