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Roll On Roll Off Shipping

RORO is the short form of Roll On Roll Off. The term refers to the process of loading or unloading the vehicles and heavy machinery onto the shipping vessels. Roll On Roll Off is most popular and economical technique for shipping your vehicles overseas.

In RORO shipping, the vessels are designed in such a way that cars and other heavy vehicles can be driven from shipping dock onto the deck. Roll On Roll Off shipping vessels have large open decks with clear parking spaces and parking lanes. RORO shipping method is considered economical than container shipping.

RORO Shipping with Tara Shipping

Tara Shipping is a licensed, bonded and insured shipping company that specializes in RORO shipping to transport vehicles overseas. We have been shipping vehicles across international continents since 1992.

We will a lot specific parking space to your vehicle. Upon reaching the port, your vehicle will be driven to its allotted parking space and we will secure it with chains and tie-down straps. And then upon reaching the destination port, we will gain drive your vehicle to the dock, and return it to the designated owner or prepare for delivery.

Our RORO shipping service is the safest and the most efficient way to transport your cars and other heavy vehicles to other countries.

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Roll On Roll Off Shipping?

  1. Your vehicle must be in good running condition. It must be drivable and you should hand over all the necessary keys.
  2. Empty your car and remove all your personal and valuable items. For example, cell phone holders, navigation devices and other accessories. Remove everything that is not part of the vehicle.
  3. Your fuel tank should be 1/4th full, no more than that. And make sure that your vehicle is not leaking any fuel, oil or water. Otherwise, your vehicle may not be loaded onto the vessel and you will be held responsible.
  4. Your vehicle must be clean enough to go through the customs inspection. It includes cleaning the upper body and engine bay, vacuuming the vehicle interior and thoroughly scrubbing the exterior.

  5. If you are looking to ship your vehicle overseas, simply give us a call on (707) 266-7309/ (407) 892-0060, or fill the form towards your right for a free quote.

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